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English Learning is very easy. It is just like going on a shopping spree.

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You Selected the stuff you wanted.You come out with full satisfaction.The same applies to Learning English.You chose the words with positive thinking.congrats

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.Learn daily 10 words in English.Read.listen,understand, analyse,revise and review.

Refer always to a good English-English dictionary.Thank you

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Learning anything is not a one day activity.It is a continuous process.

wish you good luck.

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you can contact should you like to learn English, by becoming a mamber of Aredemy for a meagre monthly contribution of Rs.247/- only.

 You can stop anytime you are confident.Please do not expect any refund for this is the lowest which we can offer.

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.1.Within how many days can I learn English? one day,one month,three months?

2.Does it need a  regular practice? yes

3. How long did you take to learn cycling?one day!!!

4.You can if you think you can. Everything requires enthusiam and willingness> Fo you agree?yes

5.How did you learn at home to speak? did your mother your guru and mentor teach you with a blackboard?NO

6.Observe.listen and Learn. You can learn a lot.

7.Blessings and best wishes for a bright future.